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Conseil en stratégies patrimoniales
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Financial advisor



Accompagnement & Solutions is an independant company which has brought together a team of experts in financial planning.


Created in 2009, our goal is simple "to add value to your wealth".


We are available to answer your most complex queries relating to you and your families wealth and this is in total confidentiality.


Our solutions are not just limited to individuals, but also business clients. For this reason our experts will meet with you regularly to update your situation so as to always offer precise and correct advice.




These values allow us to establish a long lasting relationship based on confidence.




Our English speaking financial advisor has the expertise needed in dealing with complex queries relating to wealth management :


  • How to deal with inheritance in France ?
  • Best ways to invest funds in France ?
  • How to optimise my tax liability in France ?
  • How to prepare for retirement in France ?




All these questions and many more can be dealt with by our advisor. We also work closely with English speaking lawyers , notaires , accountants , mortgage brokers , banks… So as to give you a complete service.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us, to make an appointment for a review of your financial situation.





Conseil en stratégie
Conseil en stratégie
L’art de la stratégie
Expertise financière
Expertise financière
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Solutions entreprise
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